Un-National Treasure: Disney Drops Its Star, and Values with New Spin-off Show

Of all the many triumphant and longing words of wisdom left by the first President of the United States, George Washington, one stands out to me, “If we are wise, let us prepare for the worst.” The time for preparation is over, and the need for action has arisen.

Some time ago, I wrote about how a possible 3rd installment in this franchise might just be the spark to revitalize the industry as a whole and remind producers that a good story, not a useless agenda is what makes a film memorable. Looking back, it might’ve been best to try and keep the status quo as, with my efforts, came unseen consequences. The pressure for more scenes of Nicolas Cage stealing historical documents has been recognized, and they’ve responded by giving us a shiny new TV show, and replacing what we love with nothing but empty promises. 

The show will center around a new diverse cast of characters going on a Pan-American journey, and along the treasure hunt, side characters from the films will pop up to help our main heroes. I think something that’s so interesting about the modern state of the entertainment world, is that, like this show, there are so many products made that literally no one, who can count to the number of 10, wants.

For years, after the success of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Disney has gotten in the habit of using the universes we love, to shove out old characters, and tell new stories which appeal only to the demands of Twitter. They at least tried to hide behind emotional music, or even bring back old cast members for a final surprise before displaying the title card, before you sat in the theater, but with National Treasure: Edge Of History, the marketing team has given up. Aside from the name, they’re not trying to sell this as a continuation of the National Treasure franchise in any way. 

To be clear, It’s not as if sequels and spin-offs have always, only, been made when the filmmakers have a story that will change the way we look at reality. Though, there was a time when, even if everyone behind the scenes didn’t care, the fans and audiences did. Unfortunately, “wolf,” has been cried too many times for me to feel any excitement. Even if Nicolas Cage did show up in an episode or 2, they’d just make him look bad so that the new female, diverse, lead, who can do no wrong, can seem like a better person. 

In the wake of one disappointing sequel (or spin-off) after another, with the franchises I love, I’ve found myself asking the question, why do I love film? Why care, anymore? Honestly, It’s a tough pill to swallow, knowing that good storytelling is cast aside in favor of political reputation, and the representation of false idealism. Though, comfort can be found in knowing that our favorite films can still be rewatched anytime.

I wonder if the people that control the direction of these stories have given any thought of what to do next. Almost every major franchise has been, in some way, butchered by these agendas. We are reaching the point of no return, and it will destroy the industry for generations to come.

I’d love to sit here and proclaim to the world that all should cancel their Disney+ subscriptions as if that would make a difference. I don’t imagine many will actually watch this show, so perhaps it works in our favor. Either way, It seems pretty safe to say that Edge of history will in no way positively further the story of Benjamin Gates, instead, it will only further the poor reputation of those involved.

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