Cosmic Sin Redefines Bad Filmmaking

Before we attempt to figure out the mysteries of the universe, let’s figure out the mystery of how this movie was made.

Cosmic Sin was released in 2021, and was directed by Edward Drake. The film stars Bruce Willis as John Ford, and Frank Grillo as General Ryle. In 2524, when first contact with an alien species goes wrong, a military unit goes against orders in a venture to prevent a war of ‘cosmic’ levels. 

It’s safe to say the Willis’ body double probably has more time in this film than him. When he is on screen, there’s no passion or care in his performance. Any close up shots with him further prove this statement, as when you look in his eyes, there doesn’t seem to be any soul. Which is a shame, as his character and what you learn about him, set up a possible redemption arc, that would have been cool to see unfold.

Grillo is simply chucked out of the plot at the start of the second act, and the reemerges later in the film from space by him FaceTiming our main characters with some of the absolute worst special effects work put on-screen. It seems like Grillo was having fun with his performance, that of an over the top general, but there’s not much more to it than that. 

The other cast members can’t carry the movie, so on the performances side, there’s more value watching paint dry. 

There are one too many one scenes that just happen, and are never brought up, or even mentioned again. At one point, the heroes are talking about what their next step will be, to then cutting to one of them talking to a little kid, and then it just abruptly cuts away. 

Most of the script is just people asking “What’s going on?” This brings the audience into the story, as never at any point will you understand what the plot of the film is, or simply what is happening in a single scene. 

The costumes were probably a cool idea in the art department on a sheet of paper, but from the look of them on the actors, they should have stayed on paper. Normally something like this isn’t that big of an issue, but these have got to be some of the most flimsily-made suits in a Sy-Fi setting. 

Cosmic Sin is something you’ll find on Netflix, that looks like a fun movie to put on in the background, yet will have you sitting up invested not by how good it is, but by its ability to make you rethink how bad a film can be. 

[My grade for Cosmic Sin is an F]

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