Minecraft’s lasting Impact on Me

There are certain aspects in one’s life, that slowly over time, define who you are. Perhaps your sweet Toyota Tacoma without a working stereo, or maybe that one episode of Magnum P.I. where he fights Nazis. Being close to graduating high school, it’s only natural to reflect on our impact and look back on what’s inspired us. What I came to realize was that In my life, there’s always been one truth, something that’s never gone away no matter how hard other people tried to take it, one thing has stayed the same. I really, thoroughly enjoy Minecraft

It’s somewhat hard to explain where my love for this seemingly simple game originates, but I’ve nothing else going on so why don’t I just try. I can remember the first time a friend of ‘mine’ pre-Microsoft buyout, told me about the game in maybe early 2011. As I watched him play, I realized I had seen it years before under a different name, Cave Game, not thinking much of it at the time. This was just before Youtubers Captain Sparkles, and Tobuscus would rule the internet.

If you think Fortnite’s seasons add something new each time, how about September 14th’s 1.8 beta Adventure Update. With awesome new editions like Villages (before they were populated), discount Slenderman – Endermen, being able to fly in creative mode, and the one that changed it all… when you double tapped W on the keyboard, you would now SPRINT. Few things in life will ever compare to this pivotal moment in my childhood, everything had seemingly changed for the better. Although I can remember my brother and I resenting this update for quite some time, changing our versions back to the update just before this, as we weren’t big fans of the new food meter. 

Just when we thought things couldn’t get better, on Nov. 18th, 2011, only two months later came the second part of the update which added The End including the Ender Dragon, more enemies in the Neither, and the standout here being a new hardcore more. Before hardcore mode the closest thing we got was Node’s video series. Man, again, these were without a doubt, some of the best memories of my entire life. None of us really knew how big of a hit Minecraft was about to become, and it didn’t matter, we were kids, and we were just having fun. 

In between traveling a lot for the next few years, and being homeschooled, when I didn’t feel like I belonged, no matter where I was, or who was there, there was always a laptop, and there was always Minecraft. I didn’t know at the time but the previously mentioned Adventure Update was the last to have game creator Notch be associated with it, nothing huge felt different after he left, not yet anyway. There were still plenty of new worlds and memories that would be created. I can remember one world specifically where I built a mansion on top of a large mountain with a huge overhang underneath and building a tower on another mountain nearby, eventually connecting them with a bridge. It may not sound like a lot, but building that dumb bridge will be a moment in time that I’ll never forget. 

By late 2014, I had not necessarily lost interest in the game, but in the processes of expanding my video game journeys, those early days of my time in Minecraft had seemed like so long ago, and Minecraft was slowly and slowly falling off my radar. Ironic, as now those good times seem like yesterday. This was now a point in my life when I was just starting to find interest and a passion for the world of film. By watching a couple videos on Youtube I thought I knew everything sort of thing, you know the drill.

The internet and was shifting from Food Battles to Vine Compilations, and Minecraft seemingly faded into obscurity. There was probably a good year where I literally never once thought of the many worlds I had left behind. But something happened, in 2019, at the same time I began to log back into my Mojang account, everyone else had the same idea. 

When I had returned to the world of endless blocks, it was nice, and playing on LAN was still fun, but I won’t lie, it wasn’t the game I’d left behind all those years ago. Something felt off. There were so many new editions like crossbows, new biomes, new mobs, and it’s hard to explain but overall the game just felt different. This was clearly now the game for a new generation. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still hop on every now and then, with no shame whatsoever, but it just hit me how different the game truly is now. 

There have been plenty of games that have affected me on an emotional level, with their differing vast and unique storytelling approaches. I reminisce at a time when there was no end goal in Minecraft, yet those same feelings from playing something like, The Last of Us, were still present because you came up with your own worlds and stories; with no story required! 

While many aspects of the world around me changed, the magical feeling I got simply being able to sprint, or build bridges, never did and will always stay in my inventory. I’m not entirely sure where my life is headed, but one day whether I realize it or not, I’ll find my last new sand temple, tame my last dog, and place my last block. So, I hope I, as well as others, can look back on this article as a final goodbye to those adventures and stories that, in reality, hold no physical value, but mean an endless seed of memories.

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