Morbius Sucks

Get it because like, Morbius is a vampire, so like, by having the title say it sucks it’s also like a pun as opposed to me just not coming up with a clever title.

Morbius was released in 2022 and was directed by Daniel Espinosa. The film stars Jared Leto as Dr. Micheal Morbius, Matt Smith as Loxias Crown, and Tyrese Gibson as Detective Stroud. Having been born with a rare blood disorder, Dr. Micheal Morbius has spent his life in the search for a cure, but when his latest findings are more sinister than he thought, Morbius must find the line between Man and Monster. 

Leto really tries his best, I definitely respect that aspect of his performance, especially for a character that no one knows about. The only problem is that there really isn’t a character here. I’m not quite sure what he learns over the course of the film other than maybe, being a vampire is hard. Or maybe it was that having the Marvel Logo play before your movie doesn’t mean it will be an instant hit. 

The way the script gives Morbius his different powers relies entirely on when they need him to get out of a situation. It’s incredibly lazy and takes any tension away from what could be interesting scenes. This is also in part due to the unnecessarily quick pacing, never giving you time to fully understand what’s going on. 

The film isn’t quite sure if it really wants to be a full-on superhero origin movie or a slasher, and the poor story structure only adds to this unbalanced tone. There’s really only one moment that leans heavily on the horror aspect, and even in this sequence, it’s pretty underdeveloped. 

There’s this subplot where Morbius is no longer able to get access to his lab, and then he finds another place to build a new lab, and then like 10 minutes later, is in his original lab again. Moments like this go to show how unfocused this story is, and doesn’t take the time to develop any interesting ideas. 

There is one action scene in a subway system that was fun to watch, and filmed in a somewhat creative way. Other than that one part though, there’s not even any action to keep you entertained. 

As much as I’d love to sit here and find different aspects of the film that struggle, realistically, there are only so many different ways to say that Morbius isn’t good. 

[My Grade for Morbius is a D]

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