The Suicide Squad Disappoints

You’d be a fool to watch The Suicide Squad, oh yeah… 

The Suicide Squad was released in 2021 and was written & directed by James Gunn. The film stars John Cena as Peacemaker, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, and Idris Elba as Bloodsport. An elite squad of some of the world’s worst criminals is forced to infiltrate Corto Maltese, an island with a secret weapon that may hold world-ending consequences. 

The costume designs are fun and appealing, working with each character in a unique way. If you don’t think much about the action scenes, they are fun to watch. That’s it, that’s what I liked about the movie. 

Heavy expository dialogue doesn’t begin to describe the biggest problems found in this script. 

Around halfway through the film, the script realizes it has no good villains and decides to rewrite a character to fill this void, unsuccessfully.

Bloodspot’s motivation to join the squad here is too similar to Deadshot’s from 2016’s Suicide Squad. It’s hard to write down but overall, the character arcs in David Ayer’s take on this group at least tried to do something original, and there were moments that earned that shock value this film desperately tries to shove down the audience’s throat. 

There are too many moments, whether serious or comedic, that rely on only the shock factor, not caring about how it ties into the story.

Multiple times it cuts back to random people in a room giving the squad orders and If you need to go to the restroom while viewing the film, these scenes are a perfect time. Cannot think of good moments that originate from these moments.

Harley Quinn’s subplot is truly awful. Honestly not sure why it’s even in this film. 

This script consists of 3 jokes, Amanda Waller is serious while everyone else isn’t, a character starts going off on a rant that adds really nothing to the story, or someone dies unexpectedly. These jokes are shown in several different ways but are reused over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over… and over again.

The cast is full of A-list names but, unfortunately, the dialogue between them might be some of the worst of the year. This is also in part due to the horrible script structure. Never knowing when to focus on one idea or one storyline over another, and because of this, we never care about what’s going on and aren’t satisfied by any resolutions because it never feels like anything has started.

The camera movements can be incredibly confusing and unnecessary. The overuse of zooming gets really old after about the 2nd second time. Fan’s criticized Man of Steel’s moments where the camera zoomed in, where it was used in that film to add a sense of realism and scale, here it’s used to show us things we can already see and doesn’t add anything to the action scenes.

Not sure why the film is so gory and violent. It’s not used for dramatic purposes, and if it’s supposed to be used for comedy then James Gunn forgot how to write a joke. 

The use of music is disappointing, as the choices have lyrics that are too in-your-face to hold any great meaning to the characters or story and are only in the movie to sell an album. The marketing where they used Steely Dan’s “Dirty Work,” is far better than any use of ANY song in this movie. 

The Suicide Squad has the bare minimum to supply its lackluster characters and poor story. Once again, modern cinema has proven there is very, very little reason to look forward to new blockbusters. 

[My grade for The Suicide Squad is a D]

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