Pig Oinks

The title of this review doesn’t really describe anything about the movie, I just thought it sounded funny. 

Pig was released in 2021, and was directed by Michael Sarnoski. The film starts Alex Wolff as Amir, and Nicolas Cage as Rob. Living in the woods outside of Portland, Oregon, Rob must return to the city in order to retrieve his stolen truffle pig, as well as put to rest the demons of his past. 

Cage brings a certain calmness with his performance, that leaves a lasting impression. This is easily the best performance of the year, and among the best of his career. It’s like no other performance of his, and will probably be studied in acting classes for a long time. 

Wolff is great as well. The character development between Rob and Amir doesn’t feel forced, and is satisfying to watch.  

The script is very non-conventional, taking turns and leading the audience down paths that are unexpected. It almost has different inciting incidents for each character, using this story as a way for the script to balance out these different developmental moments to develop the idea of how loss can take hold, and never let go.

The dialogue is wonderfully written, feeling very real, with characters asking questions that you as an audience are thinking. 

There are a few moments that definitely, ‘stand out.’ There’s a weird mini subplot in the beginning of the film that does add to the world, but could be taken out and the story could still be told. The first act is somewhat rushed as well, with moments you expect to be big, being passed over.

On a technical level, the film is excellent. The editing is top notch, the directing shines, the cinematography is beautiful, and the score is the best of the year. 

Telling the story about a man looking for something important to him that’s been taken is nothing new, but, believe it or not, that’s not really the story told here. If you decide to sit down, and take the 90 or so minutes required to experience Pig, it will be a memory that won’t get stolen anytime soon. 

[My grade for Pig is an A]

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